The Things Paper Offers To Its Customers

Paper is a special tool for business advertising, but some people don’t understand what it can help them achieve. When plain paper leaves the mills, small paper converters and designers take it and apply different techniques to enhance it. The end product is a special paper that speaks volumes about your business.


It takes time to cut, make prints, paste and try different combinations that will achieve the desired results. This is why the job is usually left to professionals with the right equipment and skills to deliver flawless paper upon request. Edgeworks Studio has a long history turning plain paper into special products that could give you a business edge.

We offer a variety of services including beveling, a great tactic for adding dimension to designs. This technique creates a desirable effect on heavy paper while giving a touch of elegance on thinner sheets. This is a rather delicate process that is only left to the hands of our most experienced experts. Clients can choose from square to rounded angles to create a stunning effect on the stock.

Besides beveling, customers are encouraged to include more elements in their designs for a complete look. Before cutting the paper, pasting is often done to incorporate different prints, colors, and patterns in an attempt to add more pop to the sheets. Pasting is done by layering different sheets of paper together and you can be creative as possible. When the cuts are made, the results are usually a fine border that will certainly impress the customer.

Borders are necessary to finish off your paper and help draw attention to the designs. At Edgeworks studio does hand bordering which makes for artistic, intricate and unique designs that aren’t easy to replicate. Clients can also make an order for business cards complete with the company logo, embossed or engraved details as a signature look that defines their company. It is important to discuss all details with experts to have a satisfying result that will make a difference for your company.

We also offer some finishes for the beveled edges, borders, and engravings. Metallic finishes include rose gold, silver, copper and you can also pick from some Pantone colors like Ombre and glitter for even more drama to the designs.

Our experts will work closely with the customer to understand their design preferences and objectives. They will also offer suggestions on the best approach for a stunning invitation or business card. The intention here is not to impose on the client but a means of helping them achieve cohesive designs on paper that will give the impression of seriousness and uniqueness.


If you are ready to take advantage of paper as a marketing tool, it is about time you visited You will be able to see a full list of our services, understand our vision and passion to use stationery for the growth of your business. Boasting many years in the creation of designer paper, this is certainly the ally you need to propel your business to the next level