The Egg PPI Claim Explained

If you had a credit card for egg in the last 15 years, then the PPI was mis-sold. Egg PPI have decided to set aside a certain sum of money to refund the customers who had mis-sold PPI cases. The egg was fined for misselling of PPI. Most of the Egg sales were made using hard selling techniques. Therefore, customers took the PPI which was not suitable for their needs. Anybody with an Egg credit card that has payment protection insurance has a high chance of o reclaiming it. Therefore, customers who were mis-sold to had a chance of being compensated. If you are one of the Egg customers, then you have to lodge a complaint.

Mis-sold claims


Egg banking has mis-sold its claim to thousands of customers. Most of the customers were not given sufficient information needed to make a decision. Some customers were told that their credit card application could not be successful without the Egg PPI. The mis-selling was done in different ways. Some of them include through banking loan insurance, though sickness and accident insurance, through protection insurance and credit card repayment protection. In case you were mis-sold the PPI, then you have a right to a full refund of the premiums. You will get compensation at 80 percent per annum. You should not hesitate to file a complaint about the egg ppi claim.

Hard-sell tactics

The egg used hard-sell tactics such as telling customers that the can take the PPI for free and then cancel it at a later time and also overemphasize the features of the PPI. The company also applied the PPI to the credit cards of customers who did not want it. The company apologized for the clients who were affected with the misselling. The company is ready to assist clients to reclaim their money. It has already set aside some money to cater for the refunds. You do not have anything to lose since it is your right to get the money.

Internet bank


The Egg was the first internet bank in the United Kingdom. It was started in 1998. The company launched its credit card in 1999. Therefore, the people who took the company’s credit card starting from the year 2000 must have been mis-sold to. If you are of the opinion that you were mis-sold the PPI, then you can take action and get your money back. You will no doubt get your money since the company has set aside some money to pay back customers who they mis-sold the PPI.