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Features Of The Best Heavy Duty Dog Cage


Whether for commercial purpose or domestic use, selecting a good cage will give you a peace of mind knowing that the dog is properly locked. It would also mean safety for your loved ones or the public in general, But without some proper factor with you when shopping for the cage will give you a hard time. The heavy duty dog crate reviews help the buyers make informed decisions. Below are some of the features to consider when buying a heavy duty dog cage.


1.) Ease of assembly

hghghghghghghOne key feature to highly consider on a heavy duty cage is on how easy it shall be to assemble and disassemble.This makes traveling easier when you want to move the cage from one point to another.This can only be established if the jointing method done has bolts which are easy for anyone to use.Any other joint technique may give many people have a hard time setting up the cage together.

2.)Locking system

A dog that demands a heavy duty cage means that one should consider getting a good lock or a padlock that nobody can interfere with.A compromise on the locking system can lead to danger, since if the lock is poorly done kids can’t play with it thus setting the dog free.On the same note, the locking system should not be too complicated to water down the user-friendly aspect.

3.)Hard to destroy

Either by a stranger or the dog, the cage must be built using quality and long lasting materials that would give the latter a hard time to destroy and escape.From the wire mesh to the timber being used and the Metal bars.All those should be of high quality to minimize destruction, some dogs can chew up some of the materials, a combination of metal and timber would work well since with timber alone the dog can chew and escape.

4.) Ease of loading

In spite of the cage being a heavy duty, portability must be factored in to make sure that traveling doesn’t become a nightmare.Type of material used to construct the cage shouldn’t be too heavy, but that doesn’t mean compromising on the quality.Vacation shouldn’t be something to regret; the portability aspect should favor you.The cage should be foldable enough to ease your traveling.
The Cage should also be friendly enough for the dog; there should be no training required for the dog to step in, and out.when the door open the dog should walk freely without any difficulties or any form of injury.

5.) Comfort

hghghghghghThe dog must always feel at home inside the cage, all the materials used should not have sharp or pointed tips that may hurt the dog.The bottom part of the cage should have a surface that is well rugged to protect the dog’s feet from any injuries or any space that can lead to a broken leg or have the dog stuck.