Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Water Fountains For Cats


Picking out the right fountain is crucial for every cat owner. Cats tend to be a little particular about the bowls they use. Every owner wants their pets to drink as much water as possible. Here are four factors to consider when choosing the best water fountains for your cats.

Things to note

It is always unwise to rush out to buy the first water fountain you see. Do your research on the types of water fountains available and read customer reviews to find out which have garnered positive responses.

1. Affordability

jhjhhjhjhjkjkjWater fountains are somewhat pricey and cost much more than drinking bowls. The more expensive ones cost over $60 USD.
That said, many of them are affordable. You can get a reliable, yet cost-friendly pet fountain for your cat for under $15. Brands like PetSafe and Drinkwell offer water fountains that suit all budgets.

2. Quality

Since a water fountain is a small investment, you will want value for your money. No pet owner wants to see his pet suffer from a lack of water. Neither does he want to be stuck with a fountain that does not work.
Consider the materials that make it up. Many of them comprise durable plastic and metal. Those made of stainless steel are durable and hygienic. Naturally, they are well-received. There are stylish ceramic fountains, but these break easily.

Moreover, every pet owner wants his pet to drink clean water. A fountain should offer proper oxygenation, and filtration to purge impurities. The water in it should always stay fresh.

Note that the wrong fountain can cause your electricity bills to soar. Always check its wattage.

3. Type and style

Then, think about the kind of fountain you prefer. Gravity fountains, for example, utilize the downward flow of water. Continuous fountains, now all the rage, circulate filtered water around a bowl.

The style of the fountain matters too. Some look quite garish and resemble toilets. Others resemble Rome’s Tivoli fountain. There are no prizes for guessing which you would choose.

4. Size

jhjhjhjhjhjOf course, size matters. Mini-sized fountains would suit your rabbit or gerbil, but your cat may hiss trying to access the water in it. Remember that a water fountain should contain enough water for your pet.

A cat is a mid-sized animal, and should not use a drinking fountain that is too low. You should not let it drink from a large fountain either, as it would lose its temper trying to reach the water in it.

The right water fountain will make a difference to your pet’s quality of life. Put these suggestions in place, and you will have a well-adjusted, happy cat.